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  • Published date: November 6, 2020
    • Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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Asbestos exposure causes two of the most deadly diseases faced by humankind. All these diseases, asbestosis and mesothelioma, do not normally occur unless a person was exposed to asbestos. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, or suspect you have a disorder caused by asbestos, an asbestosis attorney can help. Our asbestos attorneys can counsel you about getting medical therapy, and we can find monetary compensation for your medical care and disability.
Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous substance valued for its resistance to fire, fire, and power. Asbestos was mined for centuries and started to be used extensively in industrial countries, including the USA, in the early 1900s. Asbestos contains millions of invisible, microscopic fibers that split off and become airborne, lodging in the lungs. The particles are sharp and cause grave damage to the lungs.
Medical professionals began to detect the deadly effects of asbestos from the 1920s. The litigation began back then and it has continued ever since. Asbestos was banned or partially banned in 60 nations. It's still used in the United States however its use is regulated. There's not any known safe exposure limit to asbestos.
Many workers in industrial jobs have been exposed to asbestos for more than decades. Asbestos has been used frequently in workplaces such as construction sites, textile mills, power plants, chemical companies, railroads, and auto plants. Employees' family members have also been exposed to asbestos by the airborne fibers. In case a family member comes home with asbestos fibers on his or her clothing, the whole family can be subjected. Even bystanders can be exposed to asbestos.
Symptoms of these diseases include shortness of breath, hoarseness, persistent coughing, blood in the fluid coughed up, chest pain, and difficulty swallowing. These diseases often don't become apparent until many years after the vulnerability. In case you've got these signs and you or a relative worked within an industry likely to have asbestos, you should seek medical attention immediately and inform your physician about your work or family. A Mesothelioma lawyer at Johnson & Groninger PLLC will help you navigate the legal system.
Our asbestos attorneys are knowledgeable about the complicated problems that arise in asbestos suits, including workers' compensation issues and bankruptcy problems. If a workers' compensation claim must be brought against an employer, our experienced employees' compensation and asbestos attorneys can accomplish that. Often these cases involve claims against the asbestos maker. Many businesses that exposed workers to asbestos have filed bankruptcy after the asbestos suits are filed. Our asbestos attorneys can browse the complicated claims process when employers have filed for bankruptcy.
A long-time factory worker was exposed to asbestos in the piping that he worked on every day. His former employer went out of business and the insurance company pointed the finger at the shipyard he had been employed in 40 years before. We got his loved ones much-needed reparation.
Please contact us if you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease
It is important to act fast because there are legal deadlines that may prevent you from filing a lawsuit if you wait too long. Our experienced asbestos lawyers are here to help you. We can seek compensation against the firms that vulnerable you or your relative to asbestos and hold those businesses accountable for the distress brought on by asbestos exposure.
Copoley, Johnson & Groninger PLLC
Address - 1018 East Blvd., Ste 6 Charlotte, NC 28203
Contact - 704-200-2009
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