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While Colorado's Rugged, mountainous landscape is home to numerous naturally-occurring deposits of asbestos, many asbestos exposure and mesothelioma diagnoses in the state get linked to industrial job sites and specific jobs. Asbestos was commonly used as a heating retardant in power plants, oil refineries mechanic stores and manufacturing sectors. Hire the RMQ Mesothelioma Law Firm Denver for a free case review.

Asbestos gets frequently included as a part in the insulation of plants, which utilized the fibers to protect against flames from corrosion machines. Workers in power plants might have been exposed to these dangerous substances when they mended machines that used asbestos as a form of insulation. Other workers were directly exposed to asbestos when fabricating products that utilized this substance, for example, roofing materials and other materials used in the construction market. Oil refineries also used asbestos in a variety of gear.

Also, Everal mining operations, such as Calumet Mine, CF&I Company Mine and Hecla No. 2 Mine, that were all located on amphibole deposits. Other mines including the Dolores Co. Falcon Mine along with the Iron King Mine in the Tomichi District found on tremolite asbestos deposits. When these mines didn't directly create asbestos, the mineral could have been disturbed during mining of other materials.

In Addition to the vulnerability that workers may have experienced, households of employees may also have developed secondhand asbestos exposure. Workers would take asbestos fibers home together in their body and clothes, which might have been breathed in or ingested by other family members. If you or a loved one was diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related condition, contact our law firm to find out about your legal rights, suits, and trust fund claims.

Denver Mesothelioma Diagnoses: Hire Best Law Firm

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Colorado yearly incidence rate of malignant mesothelioma is roughly 13 per cent. Between 1999 and 2015, the very least of 484 Denver Colorado residents were diagnosed with mesothelioma. At least 199 people were diagnosed with asbestosis between 1999 and 2013, and another 1,796 get diagnosed from non-mesothelioma lung cancer.

Colorado Asbestos Regulatory Agencies

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment is primarily responsible for regulating asbestos use and removal in the nation. It Is responsible for certifying and monitoring the certification process for Individuals who remove or disturb asbestos. The Air Quality Control Commission's Regulation 8, Part B modulates the abatement of asbestos in Colorado. There are Also extensive regulations regarding the disposal of asbestos and the Management of asbestos-contaminated land in the state. All these are contained in 6 CCR 1007-2 Part 1, Section 5 of the Hazardous Waste Commission's Regulations about Solid Waste Disposal Sites and Facilities.

According To these regulations, asbestos and other similar terms are defined as follows:

  • Asbestos - both the asbestiform varieties of serpentinite (chrysotile), riebeckite (crocidolite), amosite (cummingtonite-grunerite), anthophyllite, actinolite and tremolite.
  • Asbestos containing material - any material that contains more than one percent (1%) asbestos.
  • Asbestos waste - any asbestos-containing substance, whether it includes friable or non-friable asbestos, that is not intended for further use. This term includes but is not limited to asbestos mill tailings, asbestos from contamination control devices, and containers that contain asbestos.
  • Asbestos waste disposal area - a place approved for the disposal of asbestos waste at a solid waste facility, such as, but not restricted to, a trench or monofil.

In Denver, Colorado, asbestos is banned in most types of building materials. However, lots of buildings can stay vertical and are within the legal boundaries to have asbestos when they were constructed before bans gets executed against the substance as long as the asbestos is below a certain level.

If the amount of asbestos in one of these structures exceeds a certain amount of asbestos, then a certified asbestos abatement contractor should be hired to remove the material. Before removing any asbestos, then the accredited contractor should submit a written application to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment along with a charge at least ten days before commencing work on the undertaking.

When asbestos materials are removed from the construction, they must be properly disposed of in a waste disposal site that is accepted for this purpose.

If contractors don't follow the nation's regulations, If they still fail to follow the rules, they can be required to go to court or can ask the commission for e hearing. If violations are decided, the contractor can be fined up to $25,000 per day, depending upon the potential danger to public health and also the seriousness of the alleged violation.

Denver Colorado Asbestos Laws

Some crucial laws that prospective asbestos claimants should be Conscious of if planning on a case in Colorado contain:

Statute of Limitations

Colorado has a two-year statute of limitations to private. This means that the sufferer has two years by the time that he or she is diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related health state to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the exposure. If the individual dies from mesothelioma exposure, his or her household has two years from the date of passing to file the lawsuit.

Court Exposure Standard 

Colorado has adopted the Lohrmann test for establishing the link Between the defendant's product and the sufferer's diagnosis. The plaintiff has to be able to show that the defendant's specific product was a substantial contributing cause of her or his injury. It often requires testimony regarding the period of vulnerability and the events that might have resulted in exposure from this product.

Colorado Mesothelioma Attorneys

We are a mesothelioma law firm dedicated to helping people who have been diagnosed with asbestos-related health conditions. We can travel across the country and to the state of Colorado.

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