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Levy Konigsberg Mesothelioma Law Firm Oklahoma

  • Published date: November 23, 2020
    • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Levy Konigsberg Mesothelioma Law Firm Oklahoma is the top law firm fighting for the claims related to asbestos. Every year, tens of thousands of women and men across the nation are diagnosed with mesothelioma, including many in Oklahoma. Even more, are diagnosed with lung cancer and asbestosis. According to data published by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, Oklahoma's Delaware County ranks thirtieth from the country for the counties with the highest mesothelioma death rate. All of these asbestos-related diseases could have been prevented if workers were adequately protected from asbestos exposure.

Due to the existence of a large steel and oil industry in Oklahoma, insulators, plumbers, labourers, electricians, pipefitters, chemical operators, machinist, boilermakers, engineers and several other trades were regularly subjected to asbestos daily in their places of employment. Mesothelioma attorneys at LK have extensive expertise in investigating these occupational exposures endured in Oklahoma.

Experienced and Reliable Mesothelioma Law Firm Oklahoma

Between the 1940s and 1980s, numerous steel plants were constructed and operated throughout Oklahoma. Companies including Armco Steel and Sheffield Steel functioned steel products plants which used thousands of Oklahoma residents. These steel plants typically served yearlong with three constant work shifts. Plant employees, independent contractors and other visitors of these steel plants were regularly exposed to airborne asbestos throughout the crops. Mesothelioma lawyers at LK are experienced in exploring the unique asbestos exposures suffered by workers in the steel market.

Steel production operations typically required temperatures reaching around 3,000 degrees. Workers of those Oklahoma steel mills often worked with and around high-heat equipment insulated with raw asbestos. Employers supplied plant employees with gloves, mittens, blankets, vests and other products composed of asbestos. For years, employees at these steel plants have been provided with asbestos-containing goods to prevent exposure to the elevated temperatures of the steel manufacturing process. Although scientific data describing the risks of asbestos exposure was readily available to these companies and manufacturers of asbestos-containing protective gear, steelworkers from Oklahoma weren't warned. LK lawyers are experienced in investigating and identifying the manufacturers of these asbestos-containing safety substances which Oklahoma steel employees were regularly exposed to.

Numerous tradespeople and separate contractors were required at these Oklahoma steel crops to ensure that operations wouldn't be interrupted. Equipment and machinery, including boilers, furnaces, ovens, sexy tops, steam traps, pumps, valves, and electrical products were installed, maintained and repaired frequently. Tradespeople have been hired to operate and replace this gear daily. Asbestos-containing products, such as gaskets, packing, millboard, pipe covering and raw debris has been routinely installed and replaced at these plants. Mesothelioma attorneys at LK have represented several tradespeople who performed work at steel plants, including boilermakers, electricians, technicians, millwrights, pipefitters, insulators and separate contractors.

Power Plant Construction

Between the 1930s and 1980s, the building of power plants, rail Yards, generating sites and other places for gear were undertaken during Oklahoma. Independent contractors, building crews and powerhouse employees were present while these locations were constructed. Between the 1930s and 1980s, many of the construction materials installed or used in these power plant construction sites contained asbestos.

Mesothelioma lawyers at LK are experienced in investigating powerhouse worksites. Due to the presence of various pieces of equipment and machinery throughout a power plant, there are lots of sources of exposure which must be investigated. During your free consultation with an LK lawyer, we will explain the traditional and unique directions suffered by people present at a powerhouse.

Other Industry in Oklahoma

Because of the presence of the steel, oil and electricity industries in Oklahoma, many other essential businesses were created. Manufacturing companies, transport, warehousing, construction and construction solutions, shipping and other firms prospered as a result of these large industrial companies. During your free consultation, an LK attorney will review your job history and discuss the evaluation of asbestos exposure in your worksites.

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In Oklahoma, and across the country, many Individuals also developed Mesothelioma from non-occupational asbestos exposures, such as automotive work, home renovations and other hobbies, or from"secondhand asbestos exposure," which occurred when work garments contaminated with asbestos were worn home. An experienced LK attorney will help your family in determining all probable resources of your exposure to asbestos dust.

Suppose you or your loved one Are an Oklahoma resident or have been exposed to asbestos in Oklahoma, and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease. Then, please call 1-800-637-6529 or submit an Internet query on this Site to Get a Free case evaluation at Levy Konigsberg Mesothelioma Law Firm Oklahoma.

Levy Konigsberg Mesothelioma Law Firm Oklahoma

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