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Brooks Mesothelioma Law Firm Tampa

  • Published date: December 24, 2020
    • Tampa, Florida, United States
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Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive type of cancer affecting the tissue lining the lungs, stomach, heart, and other vital organs brought on by prolonged exposure to asbestos. Between 3800 and 4000, new cases are diagnosed in the United States annually. Life expectancy for the most frequent type of the disorder is simply 4-24 months following the start of symptoms. Brooks Mesothelioma Law Firm Tampa is an experienced mesothelioma law firm fighting for asbestos exposure claims.

Although the connection between Asbestos and disease was researched since the early 20th century, it was only in 1989 that the EPA issued an Asbestos Ban and Phase Out Rule (to see it overturned a couple of years later.)

As lately as 2008, asbestos has been found in Polk County, and Back in St. Petersburg, a real estate developer was indicted for the illegal handling of thousands of square feet of debris in 2010.

Even though the EPA has established Exposure limits for asbestos, the United States is one the few developed countries where asbestos is not entirely banned. Tampa, Lakeland, and Winter Haven all may still have asbestos in certain places.

Experienced Mesothelioma Law Firm Tampa

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been widely used in the building sector for fireproofing and insulation. It was also widely utilized in Navy ships, the shipbuilding industry, and automotive repair. When the asbestos fibers are inhaled or ingested, they can become lodged in the lining of their lungs.

Since the fibers build up inside these protective cells, they can initiate the formation of cancerous cells. Usually, this happens over a lengthy period and is commonly seen in people who have worked together with the carcinogenic substance daily for many years.

Average Asbestos-Related Deaths Each Year, By County:

  • Polk County, Florida: 21
  • Hillsborough County, Florida: 45
  • Pinellas County, Florida: 64

One factor which makes Mesothelioma mostly fatal is its long latency period, which can span decades. Sometimes, as many as 50 years have passed between the initial exposure and the initial appearance of symptoms. In men, the average latency period is 47.9 decades. In women, the average latency period is 53.3 decades. By the time of analysis, the disease has usually progressed to such a late phase that therapy is unsuccessful.

Who may have been influenced by hepatitis Exposure?

A common ingredient in-ceiling Tiles, roof materials, insulation, flooring and drywall, automotive brakes and clutches; asbestos exposure is high among people who have worked in manufacturing and construction.

Factors that could increase your risk for asbestos exposure include:

  • Working within an asbestos mine or processing plant
  • Serving on a military boat
  • Living close to an asbestos mine
  • Disturbing asbestos substances while renovating an older building

Just in the mid-1970s, when the Correlation between asbestos dust inhalation and cancer became undeniable, did the material drops out of favor. Until then, asbestos was also the insulator of Choice of the U.S. Navy, which utilized enormous amounts of the substance in most of the ships.

Asbestos Exposure in Tampa - Contact Brooks Mesothelioma Law Firm

Due to its popularity in Shipbuilding, asbestos exposure cases are more frequently seen from the Tampa Bay area, where the active shipyard repaired many types of ships with asbestos.

Asbestos exposure was most Prevalent in these occupations:

  • Boiler workers
  • Chemical plant workers
  • Construction employees (roofers, plumbers, floor layers, electricians, dry-wallers, and more)
  • Industrial workers
  • Insulators
  • Mechanics
  • Sailors
  • Shipyard workers

Are there different types of mesothelioma lawsuits?

Typically, mesothelioma To submit a personal injury case, you must file your claim within four decades of your diagnosis. You might be eligible for a personal injury lawsuit through either firsthand or secondhand (contact another who was in contact with asbestos) exposure. You may be able to recover for lost wages, medical costs (such as travel to and from medical treatments), and suffering and pain. If you are bringing a lawsuit on behalf of a lost loved one, you could also be able to recover for funeral expenses and loss of consortium. In some cases, mesothelioma sufferers who've been exposed during work have successfully collected under workers' comp.

Mesothelioma is a devastating disorder. If you or a loved one has Law Group to discuss your possible claim and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Any first consultation with our company is free, so please don't hesitate to phone us at 1-888-WE-MEAN-IT (888-936-3264), or contact us by e-mail.

Brooks Mesothelioma Law Firm

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